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2011: The Little Things*

*Late posting to end 2011 :D Do you keep a list? I do. I have all sorts of list scattered in my notebook, laptop and phone. Daily to do list for personal and work. Monthly shopping list. Bucket list. List of writing ideas. List of CDs and books I want to buy. List of movies I want to watch. List of pro-cons in decision-making. List of things I want to do before 30. List of questions of the things I don’t know. Even list of my house inventory. My worst trait is to forget easily. I need those lists to remind me. Everytime I think of something, I’ll jot them down so I won’t forget. Having lists helps me to set my priorities.  For every priority is written, it’s easier to decide – rather than having it hanging inside my mind. And guess what? Year 2011 had brought ‘shocking’ news: life is not adjusting to my list like I thought it would be. Life’s a bit trickier than that. What I have learned in 2011 is life is indeed organized, there’s a pattern for everything. But my lists are not